Isolated microgrids

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Isolated microgrids

Energy storage use cases:

  • Operate generators at peak efficiency
  • Reduce the number of generators and/or running hours
  • Improve reliability of energy services
  • Support integration of renewable energy
Reduce diesel fuel consumption and generator run time.

Adding the ESS Energy WarehouseTM to a diesel generator micro-grid will reduce fuel usage by operating generators at peak efficiency. Energy storage follows the load, enabling generators to only run at peak efficiency.  Additionally, generator run time can be reduced, thereby increasing the time between generator servicing. Power and energy are critical elements for isolated communities. The electrical power from diesel fuel generators comes at a significant cost and risk due to the complicated logistics for fuel, heavy maintenance requirements, noise and environmental impact. Reducing diesel fuel usage by operating the generators at peak efficiency, minimizing the running hours and supporting the integration of renewables are key to lowering energy costs from isolated microgrids.

The ESS Energy WarehouseTM is an ideal solution for this application because it has the flexibility to provide both short and long duration services. The short-duration use cases would include absorbing transients in load-following mode and smoothing renewable ramp rates. With a AC response time of <1 sec, it is ideally suited for short-duration requirements. The long-duration use cases would include providing base load power and bulk shifting renewable energy. The ESS Energy WarehouseTM has 4+ hours of energy storage capacity and can fully discharge without impacting life.

In addition, the ESS Energy WarehouseTM is shipped in a dry state, just requiring water be added at the site, Thus, it is environmentally safe for transport and deployment in sensitive areas and offers a shipping weight 70% less than other flow and traditional batteries. Additionally, with an electrolyte comprised of iron, salt and water, there is no hazard or potential site contamination.

Overall, the ESS Energy WarehouseTM delivers <1 second to full power, 4+ hours of energy, limitless cycling  for a guaranteed 20 year life with the extended warranty, the ability to operate in ambient environments up to 50o C without active cooling, low operating and maintenance costs and environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, fully recyclable battery chemistry.  All delivering the lowest cost, safest and most reliable energy for Brazil’s isolated micro-grids.

Other applications

Distributed generation

Reduce energy costs for commercial and industrial customers.


Promote deep penetration of renewable energy.