Iron + Sodium + Water
Plentiful, benign ingredients create an economical, rechargeable
flow battery with the flexibility to meet your project needs.

The beauty of ESS, Inc.’s flow technology is abundance and know-how.

Iron is very abundant in Earth’s crust.  Salt, the primary mineral constituent in seawater, is also readily available in vast quantities. The final ingredient is water.

Blended together using patented technology from ESS Inc., these create a safe, non-toxic electrolyte for the All-Iron Flow Battery, which provides reliable power with little or no maintenance.

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Stimulate the simple transfer of electrons

Redox, a contraction of reduction (a gain of electrons) and oxidation (a loss of electrons), is a chemical reaction in which electrons are transferred between chemical species. Using the same electrolyte on both sides eliminates cross-contamination. Unlike typical batteries that are packaged as fixed cells or modules, a flow battery has significantly more energy storage capacity, which gives the user the flexibility to address both power (the rate of electricity flow) and energy (the amount of energy stored) uses.

Built to smooth and shift the intermittencies of renewables like solar

By doing so, the fuel-generators can be used less and more efficiently, while converting an intermittent renewable to continuous base load power.

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Source: ESS, Inc. –

No other technology can match the advantages of the ESS Energy WarehouseTM. It leads competitive technologies in low cost per kWh and unlimited deep cycles, as well as with an environmentally friendly electrolyte, 20-plus year system life, turnkey installation and fast electrical response time.

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About ESS, Inc.

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ESS, Inc. logoEnergy Storage Systems (ESS, Inc.) was launched in the United States in 2011 by a team with deep experience in fuel cells, electrochemistry, advanced material science, and renewable energy. After five years of intensive innovation, engineering development, and rigorous validation, backed by ARPA-E and others, the company began shipping turn-key battery solutions in 2016.